Roy Kiessling Faculty

Roy Kiessling

Roy Kiessling, LISW, ACSW, completed his EMDR Basic training in 1995, became an EMDR Institute Facilitator in 1997, and a trainer for the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Projects in 2001.  Mr Kiessling's involvement in EMDR-HAP has taken him to Bangladesh, Poland, the Middle East and Russia.  Domestically, Roy has been the Senior Trainer for EMDR-HAP since 2001, not only in conducting trainings for EMDR-HAP but also in mentoring and training Trainers for EMDR-HAP.  In addition to his work with EMDRHAP, he has been a significant contributor of the EMDR Institute as the EMDR Institute Internet listserv moderator providing ongoing case consultation and education regarding EMDR basic protocols to a world-wide network of EMDR trained clinicians. In 2006, Roy received the Liz Synker Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award from EMDRHAP for his efforts in supporting the EMDR Community.