• EMDR should be administered only by licensed clinicians specifically trained in EMDR (or graduate students under supervision of a licensed clinician, intern qualifications).
  • It is important that you take time to interview your prospective clinician.
  • The clinician should have completed the basic training in EMDR (a two-part course).
  • Choose a clinician who is experienced with EMDR and has a good success rate.
  • Make certain that the clinician is comfortable in treating your particular problem.
  • In addition, it is important that you feel a sense of trust and rapport with the clinician. Every treatment success is an interaction among clinician, client, and method.
  • Facilitators have completed advanced facilitator training and assist at EMDR Institute Basic Trainings.

The EMDR Institute, Inc. acknowledges that the persons included on this list have been trained by the EMDR Institute. EMDR Institute, Inc. does not warrant or otherwise assume responsibility for the clinical services provided by these clinicians or his/her competency to provide such services.