Treating Trauma and Stressor-Related Conditions


Author:  Marilyn Luber, PhD



Author: Marilyn Luber, PhD

Using EMDR Therapy’s standard procedures and protocols as its template, this book presents step-by-step scripts that enable new practitioners and seasoned EMDR clinicians, trainers, and consultants alike to incorporate EMDR Therapy into their case conceptualizations and treatment plans while working with patients who have issues related to trauma- and stressor-related conditions.This text covers the use of EMDR Therapy with such conditions as reactive attachment disorder, PTSD, acute stress disorder, and persistent complex bereavement disorder, as well as with traumatized patients with psychosis, trauma in emergency (911) telecommunicators, and compassion fatigue. Scripts and summary sheets simplify the gathering of information and ensure documentation in clients’ charts in a consistent format.


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