EMDR Institute / 2023 Logistics Producer Availability Survey

Hi EMDR Institute Logistics Producers!

Scheduling virtual trainings for 2023 is upon us! We know you're eager to schedule your own projects, and we're eager to confirm you for the Institute!  We've identified all viable training weekends. So that we can begin the scheduling process, please indicate which weekends you feel you'll be available. We realize it's hard to anticipate out so far, but, if any dates are iffy, please note that information in the comments section at the end of this form. I'll work magic to accommodate your availability while doing my best to balance time zones with W1 vs. W2, etc... As always, I'll send you your proposed event dates so you can confirm before we lock into the final schedule.

If you're available for some weekends listed below, but unsure of others, here's a guideline:

  • Available: Check the box
  • Unavailable: Leave the box blank
  • Unsure: Leave the box blank
  • Be sure to leave a comment below if some dates are iffy.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this!


2023 Availability Survey (Logistics Producers) * original

Which time zones are you willing to work?
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Following are the weekend dates we will host training events. We may have up to 3 on one weekend. Please scroll through the entire list and check the boxes of the dates you will be available:(Required)
Please indicate the ideal number of trainings you feel you can accommodate in 2023:(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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