Hi Logistics Producers,

Please read this (lengthy) intro before jumping to the checkboxes in the survey below

We’re so grateful to each of you for the incredible support you provide while handling logistics (and facilitation) during our trainings!  Thank you for contributing your feedback, expertise and guidance as we continually improve our processes to deliver exceptional training in the virtual format. You have made our participants and staff feel welcomed and supported -- before and during and after the events.

Each of you has also proven to be nimble, and has accommodated the unforeseen bumps in the road (time traveling beyond your sleep schedule; shifting from one role to another; stepping in when weather took over; calming nerves when meltdowns occurred; and always, always representing the Institute with professionalism and kindness.  As the one who staffs these events, each of you sits at the top of my Superhero List, and I am so appreciative of your availability throughout 2021.  And now, onto 2022!

We’ve just published our all-virtual, 2022 schedule for all the world to see, and we are receiving registrations. I’m eager to secure Logistics Producers for the upcoming year, which is why I’m sending you this nifty survey so that you can indicate which weekends you’re available to produce, and I’ll start the “magical” process of juggling wants, needs, availability, location and preferences to land on a schedule that works fairly for all.  I’m hoping that by gathering your info in this manner, the spreadsheet it generates will be simple enough to manage so that my hair won’t turn grayer nor fall out from the stress!

A few details:

  1. I will endeavor to limit your “time travel” one zone from your home base
  2. EMDRIA has capped events to 100 participants for 2022 for Basic Training events; TBD for workshops
  3. Our tipping point for a Logistics Producer to also facilitate (up to 6) is 50 participants; if we exceed that, I’ll contact you with the update; If we have another LP in the wings and can shift the scheduled LP to facilitation, I’ll ask if you'd prefer that.
  4. We currently have 6 Specialty Workshops (2 days of lectures, no facilitators, no breakouts) and 55 Basic Training events (6 are KIDS/ADOLESCENTS; total includes W1 and W2); we may add more.
  5. We’ll continue with pre-meetings for W1 events (Tuesday before the event; 6:15PM staff / 7PM participants; based on scheduled time zone)

Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey, and cheers to a safe, healthy and happy 2022!

Pam Hudson

Availability Survey (Logistics Producers)

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