Important Instructions


The following attendee registration information is for the person ATTENDING the event. If you are paying for the event for someone else, you will be able to input your information on the next screen.

It is CRITICAL that the EMDR Institute receives the correct spelling of the participants name as it should appear on the CEU certificate, the exact email the participant wants to use during the event, the cellphone number that the person will use during the event, and the mailing address that the training materials will be sent.

EMDR Institute is not responsible for participants missing the event due to incorrect information

  • Participant’s Name - as it should appear on the CEU Certificate
  • Participant's Cell Phone - to be used throughout the 3-day training
  • Participant's Mailing address - where training materials will be sent via USPS
  • Participant's Email address - that will be used throughout the 3-day training

Upon completion of W1 and W2, you will have the opportunity to update your contact information, which will be included in our referral list.

Attendee Registration

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