Hi! We've just launched our 2024 Training Schedule and are enthusiastic about hosting another year of virtual events!  But we can't be successful without YOU!

Thank you for being accommodating (between time zones and W1 or W2), flexible (when we merge 2 trainings into one), understanding (when you're on the "available and on hold" list for a long time and then are not confirmed until the last minute or not at all), and for making my job such a joy. I truly appreciate our staff more than you can imagine!

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. But first, keep this in mind:

Rhyme and reason for the 2024 schedule: We have about 58 trainings scheduled for 2024. There are lots of holidays scattered throughout the schedule and many on weekends and Mondays, so no trainings on those dates. Pacing, such as a W1 in PT and CT on the same weekend, then 2 weeks later, a W2 in MT and ET, and so on. But, trainer availability impacts this so there is some variation.

Available and on hold: As you know from previous years, securing facilitators can be tricky since we know that participants tend to register (or transfer to a later training) very close to the event date, rather than weeks or months in advance. To ensure we have sufficient staffing and are doing so fairly, and can accommodate the flow of registrations, we'll maintain a list of available facilitators for each event. Within the next month, we aim to confirm 3 facilitators per event for the year, then add facilitators as registrations increase. This is similar to the process for 2022 and 2023.

Jenga: In an effort to streamline the process of identifying your availability throughout 2024, please select the weekend dates when you anticipate being available to facilitate (listed below). This info will flow into a nifty spreadsheet that I then refer to about 100 times a day. I may need to shift you one time zone over from your home, flip you from a W1 into a W2, ask you to take a FIT and so on.

You might be wondering: 

If you indicate that you're available for a specific weekend, are you confirmed? No, this is NOT an automatic confirmation, however, if you indicate you are available for a particular weekend listed below, I will reach out to you as registrations flow in.

If you're available for some weekends listed below, but unsure of others, here's how to communicate that in this survey:
Check the box
Unavailable: Leave the box blank
Unsure: Leave the box blank

Availability changes: As the year progresses and your availability changes, email Pam Hudson (pamhudson@emdr.com) with an update. In all likelihood, I'll send out another availability survey for the 2nd half of the year.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey, for your flexibility throughout 2023, and here's to a terrific 2024!

Pam and the EMDR Institute Staff

2024 Availability Survey (Facilitators)

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Are you planning to attend the EMDRIA Summer in Seattle April 18-20, 2024? We will host our Trainer & Facilitator Meeting Tuesday, April 16 (FYI: EMDRIA’s meetings are Trainer Day - Morning of April 17; Consultant Day - Afternoon of April 17)
There is interest in re-establishing network meetings throughout the country. Would you like to be part of that, either in-person or virtual?
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