Basic Training Emphasizing Treatment of Children and Adolescents

Expanding on the powerful content from EMDR Therapy Basic Training.

We are offering a very focused KIDS and TEENS-centric event, EMDR Therapy Basic Training with Supplemental Information for Children and Adolescents (Weekend 1 and 2).

EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Children and Adolescents Focus

This training is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat kids and teens in a clinical setting.

Through the use of children video sessions and client case examples, this training will highlight how to use EMDR therapy with developmentally appropriate adaptations for kids and teens, while also including information for use with adults. Upon completion of Weekend 1, Weekend 2 and the required 10 hours of consultation, clinicians will be able to treat children, adolescents, as well as adults, with EMDR therapy.

EMDR Therapy is a comprehensive psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to disturbing events and present life conditions. This interactional, standardized approach addresses a considerable range of presenting complaints for all ages, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, excessive grief, somatic conditions and addictions.  As an integrative psychotherapy approach, EMDR is compatible with all contemporary paradigms including, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, experiential, family systems, play therapy and sand tray.

EMDR therapy is guided by the Adaptive Information Processing model which addresses the unprocessed memories that appear to set the basis for a wide range of dysfunction. Since EMDR Therapy is a client centered therapy it is not only helpful with adults but is particularly useful with children and teenagers who may communicate more through actions than words.

Important Note

We recommend allowing 3-4 months in between weekend 1 and 2 trainings to give yourself enough time to get the 5 hours of consultation. A list of approved Facilitators is provided during training and also included in the training manual.
(Workshop fees do not include case consultation).

Upcoming Trainings

Choose the time-zone that best fits your schedule.

Barbara J Hensley

Dr. Shapiro worked vigorously for almost 35 years to make EMDR Institute the premier EMDR training organization that it continues to be, and to ensure that its participants have the potential for becoming premier EMDR therapy trained clinicians.

Our training materials are firsthand from the creator and are continually updated by our committee of experts thereby guaranteeing you a first rate and up-to-date training experience.

— Barbara J. Hensley author of An EMDR Therapy Primer: From Practicum to Practice

EMDR Basic Training Highlights

Supervised small group practice on each training day

Physiological overview of trauma and the information processing system

Specialized history-taking to identify relevant experiences

Treatment planning to address past events, current triggers and future needs

Stabilization, preparation and resource development interventions

Addressing trauma, adversity, and other disturbing life events

How to work with simple and complex cases

Applications to combat trauma and first responders

Applications to addictions, grief, anxiety, and emotional reactions to illness and injury

Applications to recent events including natural and man-made disasters

Applications to family and couples therapy

Personal use for therapist to process vicarious traumatization

Video sessions and client case examples featuring kids and teens

Developmentally appropriate adaptations for kids and teens

Learn from the Elite: EMDR Institute's Distinguished Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of internationally recognized speakers, published authors, and esteemed members of EMDR-focused associations.

They are experts in their fields and handpicked to teach at the EMDR Institute for their exceptional ability to deliver Dr. Shapiro's original, proven protocols with fidelity and engagement. Trainees consistently praise our programs, noting the seamless integration of EMDR into their professional practice, significantly enhancing and broadening the impact of their therapeutic work.

Training Objectives

My facilitators were wonderful to work with. They created a safe and rich learning environment for me, and it helped me grow and learn in a meaningful way. Thanks so much!

— W2 Kids Basic Training Participant

This was the best and most useful training I've ever taken as an LCSW.

Life-changing! Personally and professionally.

— W2 Basic Training Participant

This is the most useful training I've ever done. It's already been transformative for multiple clients I work with.

— W2 Basic Training Participant

I appreciate the Institute taking the time to adapt the training and the application of the therapy to fit the real-life struggles that we have currently as therapists. It was very realistic and helpful.

— W2 Basic Training Participant

I was highly impressed. The consideration put into everything met my needs

— W1 Basic Training Participant

This was a great training. One of the best!

— W1 Basic Training Participant

The workshop EXCEEDED my expectations.

— Specialty Applications Workshop Participant

I learned a lot from the practicum portion of the training. My favorite part of the training was the practicum portion as I was able to utilize the skills I learned in the training and learned how to use the skills with my current patients that would benefit in EMDR treatment

— W2 Basic Training Participant

Probably the most practically applicable training I have ever experienced. This was an amazing experience that I‘m grateful to have been a part of!

— W1 Basic Training Participant

I learned so much from this experience. This is my first time learning/experiencing EMDR. I came in with no knowledge of EMDR and feel I am leaving with so many tools to help my clients.