EMDR Institute Training Information & Participant’s Agreement

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Please sign and return the following agreement to the EMDR office.


Please read and acknowledge the following agreement prior to commencing EMDR training. The undersigned acknowledges that (s)he has been advised & understands:

Current research is limited to the applications of EMDR to trauma related disorders.

All participants must be licensed in the mental health field, or, if not licensed, have completed masters level coursework, currently in a licensing track and supervised by a licensed clinician with the appropriate letter on file. A letter from the license d, supervising clinician must be sent to the EMDR office.

A target memory could be linked to unexpected, disturbing material or memories.

A prerequisite for receiving a CE Certificate is the completion of the 3 practica at the training, where clinicians will give and receive EMDR under small group supervision. The practice experience is for educational purposes only & not for personal therapy.

Case material presented didactically or on video /DVD may be disturbing to those with unresolved personal issues.

In addition:
1. Participants presently engaged in personal therapy should seek permission from their therapist before participating in this training.
2. Participants who presently have a dissociative disorder should not participate without special arrangements
being made with the EMDR Institute office.
3. Participants with limiting or special medical conditions (pregnancy, heart condition, ocular difficulties, etc.) should consult their medical professionals before participating.

Since the processing of targeted incidents may continue after the training, other dreams, memories, etc., may surface. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the participant to seek and obtain appropriate assistance. Providing such assistance is not an extension of the training. Clinicians who wish to continue with personal EMDR work can request referral information from the EMDR Institute office.

These experiential workshops, Weekend 1 and Weekend 2, are for clinical and research purposes only and will not qualify the participan t to train others in EMDR.

Audio/video taping is prohibited.

A Continuing Education Certificate will be issued only to those who attend the entire training and participate in the practice exercises on all 3 days.

To be admitted to Weekend 2 of the training, documentation showing completion of 5 consultation hours with an EMDR Institute Facilitator is required (List of Facilitators and Consultation Sign Off Form will be in the Weekend 1 manual).

A CE Certificate and Certificate of Completion will be issued only to those who complete the Weekend 2 training and have completed 10 hours (5 hours prior to Weekend 2 and 5 hours after Weekend 2) of case consultation with an EMDR Institute Approved Facilitator.


Upon completion of the Basic Training (W1, W2 & 10 hours of consultation), participants will automatically be added to the EMDR Institute online referral listing. Please check your listing at https://wordpress-914676-3178358.cloudwaysapps.com/clinic.html for accuracy of information. If you prefer to be left off the list, please indicate your preference here.