The Many Tracks of EMDR Therapy: Sourcebook of Techniques, Interventions, Strategies, and Modifications to the Standard EMDR Therapy Protocol


In this latest insightful volume gathered and edited by Marilyn Luber, the authors have combined the lessons learned with personal accounts of how they proceeded. There is still much to be done to integrate mental health care effectively into disaster response worldwide, but this volume will help to point the way to best practices.


Expanding on Shapiro’s (1995, 2001, 2018) famous train metaphor, the author winds the reader through the tracks of the eight phases and three-prongs of EMDR therapy, highlighting the creative ways clinicians help a client unload damaged cargo (i.e., dysfunctional material) and load recovered cargo (i.e., adaptive resolution, learning) at each stop until the train arrives at a predetermined destination.

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