EMDR: A Closer Look


With: Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.



How does EMDR compare to other therapies for psychological trauma? What is the role of the eye movements? What does the research indicate about EMDR’s efficacy? This compelling video provides an insightful view of EMDR, probing both its widespread popularity and its controversial nature. Psychotherapy researcher Larry Beutler serves as commentator in a program that features EMDR’s originator, Francine Shapiro, as well as other authorities in the field-including Terence Keane, Kim Mueser, and Bessel van der Kolk-who present their own perspectives on a range of issues surrounding this approach. Designed for mental health clinicians, students, and researchers, the video includes simulated client sessions in which Dr. Shapiro demonstrates the eight-step EMDR protocol and discusses the relationship between EMDR and trauma.


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