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EMDR Networking Groups

The following list is provided to give EMDR Institute trained clinicians an opportunity to network with other EMDR trained clinicians in their area to share experiences and information pertaining to EMDR. These are no fee discussion meetings. If you would like to join a group, please contact the group coordinator in your area. If you would like to start a no fee networking group in your area, please contact the EMDR Institute.

Internet Discussion Groups

If you have completed Weekend 1 of an EMDR Institute Basic Training 3-day format (or the former Part 1 of the 2.5-day format), you are eligible to join the EMDR Institute Discussion List, the electronic forum on issues related to: clinical applications, theory, and research on Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing; information on training programs of the EMDR Institute and the humanitarian assistance programs of EMDR HAP.



My Story ...

On October 10th, 2010 I took part in a historic event at Harpo studios that resulted in two full episodes of Oprah’s Farewell Television Tour dedicated to male sexual abuse survivors that were abused by men. It was the largest endeavor of its kind by Oprah in her 25 years of producing the show.  200 men showed up to share their stories about their sexual abuse by other men.  It is the start of a new era across the globe around awareness of sexual abuse that up until now has predominately been shunned by the church, government and media.

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The man who saw too much ...

Looking back over his nearly 30 years as a highly decorated first responder in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley, Michael Ferrara has trouble pinpointing the exact moment when his life began to unravel. His ordeal arrived not all at once but in a long spool of assaults on his soul and psyche. A plausible starting point, though, might be March 29, 2001, and a nightmare that occurred at the airport in Aspen.

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Parallel universe ...

I am Linda Morabito Meyer, the astronomer who in 1979, discovered that another world, a moon of the planet Jupiter, called Io, was geologically alive. I made my discovery at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory working as a Navigation Engineer on NASA’s Voyager mission to Jupiter. My discovery has been described as the largest of NASA’s planetary exploration program. This was not the only discovery my life held for me. My memoir, Parallel Universes, A Memoir From the Edges of Space and Time tells the story of my discovery in science and my other story that may both shock and inspire, and lead to a better understanding of the role that EMDR can play in the healing and restoration of a human life.

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