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What are the Qualifications for Attending?

A clinical background is necessary for the effective application of EMDR therapy. Attendance at the workshop is limited to all levels of social workers and mental health professionals who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed or certified through a state or national board which authorizes independent practice. Provisional/Associate licensure may register as an “intern” and must supply a supervisor letter  (must be under clinical supervision during the training).

Intern/Graduate Student Requirements/Provisional/Associate Licenses

For interns or students, completion of graduate level coursework at an accredited school, must be on a licensing track, working under state sanctioned supervision by a licensed clinician, as outlined in your licensure policies. You will be asked to submit a current supervisor’s letter with their degree and license number during registration.

International Registrants

It is the policy of the EMDR Institute that people from outside the US must comply with the licensure/requirements of the EMDR Association in the country where they practice. It is recommended that participants from European countries take the training from an EMDR Europe approved trainer.

Canadian Registration Requirements

Minimum of a master’s degree in clinical or counseling psychology or social work. Membership in a professional association that has a written code of ethics or standards of conduct. Professional liability insurance.

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